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This is the @enews set for today on location...gimme ur best caption!

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1692 days ago

This is the set for today on location...gimme ur best caption!


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arrykac 1691 days ago

Generator don't fail me now!

GIJoeforXmas 1691 days ago

You're the star Ryan.

briangoldenpga 1691 days ago

This magic trick worked so much better in rehearsals.

htruck1997 1691 days ago

Ahhhh kind aaaaaa gayish!!!!

BrunaBillini 1691 days ago

This is man :D

capricorn1226 1691 days ago

"Keeping up with Ryan Seacrest"
(You've got enews, American Idol, 102.7 KIIS-FM, what next?)

lc_doll 1692 days ago

Happy Days are here again!

MaryMulugeta 1692 days ago

Last Time I Take Surgery advice from joan rivers .

MaryMulugeta 1692 days ago

I'm sexy and I know it !

basebones 1692 days ago

Worst set auditions for the role of "Fonzie" ever!!

IdreamIsoar 1692 days ago

Who called the press!

Powrfulkatrinka 1692 days ago

Utoh you better get better room this one starting to show bars, look at the walls!!!

Powrfulkatrinka 1692 days ago

What I wanna know is who paid for the brownies, because thumbs up is showing signs of fast cash

Powrfulkatrinka 1692 days ago

1 guy thinking "my computer smells wonderful, wait that was the brownies I ate" and need say more

jemstar03 1692 days ago

Introducing....my new shoulder monkey!

Powrfulkatrinka 1692 days ago

Did I mention the Jacket...yeahhh....check me out...Lee also, I know I smell pretty and thumbs up

Powrfulkatrinka 1692 days ago

Check out my New Lee Jeans

EvaneSam 1692 days ago

Bom chicka bow bow

RonyBotts 1692 days ago


SirFreakyStyley 1692 days ago

I'm Ryan Seacrest, and THIS. IS. AMERICAN PORNO! Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Douglas.