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Saw a starving stray dog on the beach of the restaurant. Made me so sad. So we ordered him a filet mignon, he loved it!

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1899 days ago

Saw a starving stray dog on the beach of the restaurant. Made me so sad. So we ordered him a filet mignon, he loved it!


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LouisdeFrance 1862 days ago

maybe it doesn't want be 'rescued' by a skunk like you

gloriserank 1885 days ago


SPSingh1962 1887 days ago

People who Love & Care Animals,Are tender And Kind Hearten...GOD Bless You

carmen210 1893 days ago

He is so sweet.. you have a great heart... you are the best!xoxoxo

DerST_official 1896 days ago

Hi Paris, you have a great heart, that's why I like you.. :)

lindabuller 1897 days ago

Barc,for dogs.... is just now working to set up a sanctuary for Bali Street Dogs .Please contact barc on 0818550947 if there is anyone out there wanting to help us.

lindabuller 1897 days ago

humans need to love animals, to nurture our souls , if animals were not here what a lacking of love there would be, so yes we need to feed care and look after them, as well as our fellow humans.We domesticated the wolf, so not we have to be responsible fo

lindabuller 1897 days ago

Bali Adoption rehabilitation Center in Ubud looks after 120 streets dogs all the time rehabilitating them from the street, giving vaccines and food and meds and then adopting them to good family's ,please see

HiltonRu 1898 days ago

awwww <3

addisabebe2004 1898 days ago

it shows u have a good heart. But did u noticed those human beings suffering from poverty

msquisty 1898 days ago

it's hard to believe that you think this has helped this dog. why didn't you take this dog to rescue?

skycherry 1899 days ago

So sad...

lcoop666 1899 days ago

Beautiful face is a kind, giving, genuinely concerned soul. I really love her!

lcoop666 1899 days ago

Paris, you have the ability and influence to make a difference. Just like Tippi Hedren did with Shambala reserve.

haripurwanto 1899 days ago

thanks for doing that in my country Paris, we love you :) <3 hope others will follow you :)

CapodannoToscan 1899 days ago

i love the dog
by Tuscany capodanno

lcoop666 1899 days ago

Good work Paris, in terms of bringing awareness regarding this issue.

lcoop666 1899 days ago

This is sickening what these inhumane fucks are doing to dogs!

PixieHilton 1899 days ago

Awww and this is exactly why you're my hero Paris :) <3 you're the best.

JamesW011 1899 days ago

Paris...can u please fedex to me any filet the doggie does not eat.(2 day delivery is fine) please remove any doggie hairs & sand & include a slice of honey dew melon as well if u don't mind. thanx Xo