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This is a Sambal in Indonesia! Hotter than hot!!! The bet is $200 to eat it!! G

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1475 days ago

This is a Sambal in Indonesia! Hotter than hot!!! The bet is $200 to eat it!! G


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RidwanRS2 1472 days ago

indonesian sambal is just like indonesian people! lol!

fiamaulana 1473 days ago

come on, im gonna taste it, dude!!`

ErniJingga 1474 days ago

i will wipe it off clean with exchange of meeting u instead of $200 :P welcome to indonesia :)

GDMTheScriptfan 1474 days ago

why you guys talking in dollars.....??

febrisik_219 1474 days ago

it's really hot, and do you like it glen??

ILoveTSGlen86 1475 days ago

Hey, the hotter, the better, in my opinion. Love spicy food. :D

indreeh 1475 days ago

Imagine Danny's face when he eats sambal :D

indreeh 1475 days ago

you can make sambal by your self, so you wouldnt waste your $200, it is spicy but nice tasty!! :D

BabyRoseHip 1475 days ago

Five bucks Danny eats it XD

bestbing 1475 days ago


AmbuMario 1475 days ago

whoa, take it easy boys. we don't want you to have tummy ache :p

NitaraS17 1475 days ago

You Boys are crazy XD

dinnac4t 1475 days ago

I'll wipe it off clean for $100, seriously ;)

09ekautie 1475 days ago

isnt it nice right hehehehe .....
You will never find any kind of sambal except in Indonesia. Come often to Indonesia and try every single sambal hehehehe you'll die to love it

PuteriWianni 1475 days ago

i can't eat without sambal! :))

KikyFebriani 1475 days ago

well, I bet it wasn't that HOT~ ^^ I can eat it if you want me to (:

GipsyLarasati 1475 days ago

indonesia has different types of sambal! go go for culinary guys! ^^