Leonard Nimoy


Born in Boston.Went to Hollywood at 18. 16 years later cast as Spock in Star Trek http://t.co/cvSYHqYQYJ http://t.co/NyFF8OghFU

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The classic portrait. 1966.  LLAP

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887 days ago

The classic portrait. 1966. LLAP


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IslandGalHI 180 days ago

Love it :) Aloha!

rafaelaprm_ 753 days ago


PamelaEdwards39 862 days ago

This is a good picture of you three. I really like it. No one could replace any of you.

01JamesSmyth 882 days ago

Playing it all cool while Bones and Jim ogle some dame that will no doubt put the ship in peril :)

Wolke_07 884 days ago


WilliWiegand 885 days ago

My heroes! Perfect lights. LLAP

cataloguethis 886 days ago

What a perfect reflection of thier relationship: Kirk looking forward--McCoy keeping a watchful eye on both his friends--Spock guarding both the more fragile McCoy and the bold and fearless Kirk.

Milla189 886 days ago

Love it how Spock looks into a different direction than Kirk and Bones. :) Such a great picture, thanks!

dasbrainien 886 days ago

Awesome! Thanks for sharing. LL&P.

Searchengines_T 886 days ago

Spock-You thick skinned green bloody Vulcan-Well thankyou Dr McCoy..Guys..Guys shh..the girls are coming.

andreadenver 886 days ago

Wonderful! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us. You are truly one of a kind.

OpalescentMoon 887 days ago

Love it, classic & the ONLY Star Trek that really counts!

kaidyn4 887 days ago

This is the Star Trek I love!

jeannieharris 887 days ago

Wonderful, vibrant colour - just like '66. Spock looks a bit stern though.

rcsmiley049 887 days ago

This is the fearless crew of the Starship Enterprise on its 7 year mission: to visit strange new worlds....etc. To boldly go where no man has been before. You, and Shatner were successful. You set a course for many series and a different culture (in a w

MaidOfTheMissed 887 days ago

yes, posed so the viewers attention circles around & stays within the frame; great color & exposure

TheGleamer 887 days ago

Love it! I grew up watching the three of you warriors kick butt and take names!

Sabicas51 887 days ago

Unquestionably, one of my all time Star Trek favorite photo's. You guys were always the best. LLAP

TuesdayPainter 887 days ago

I see Mr. Shatner in the Captain, and Mr. Kelly in McCoy, but I can hardly see Mr. Nimoy in Spock.

Aevylonya 887 days ago

The unforgettable trio! This makes me so happy.