Happy Birthday To My Son Julius 'JuJu' Joseph Malaga !!
Today marks a whole year of him being on this Earth.
For that , I thank God (w/e one there is) & his Mother . Which I respect , love & care for dearly. Thank you for keeping my son safe , nurtured & unharmed.
I remember when his mother was givin' birth to him sayin' "why are you pulling his head so hard ?!?" haha "He's already got my head!! " The moment he came out , his grandmother kissed me . Mind you she hates me. I told myself "Only You Could of done This JuJu" . He was born 10/10/11 at 10 AM .6 lbs & 10 oz . Big Pun's B-Day. Actually he came early when he was suppose to be born on Dec 4th. Jay-Z B-day. Both my Favorite Artists. EVER. Love this KiDd .