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i really shouldnt have a web cam....

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1897 days ago

i really shouldnt have a web cam....


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gustavblomberg 1896 days ago

Follow me here and listen to my music :)!/gustavblomberg

kittypitty103 1896 days ago

lol sometimes i think the same thing:)

Emily_laughing 1896 days ago

lol cute pick snookie

tweetmykidrauhl 1896 days ago

cuute love you..

dulcigoma 1897 days ago

:D Snooki beautiful, greetings from mexico

tryzinpew 1897 days ago

#JerseShore next season... Hail Ya :-)

dylanoridehim 1897 days ago


Nisenavajo 1897 days ago

I <3 Yu snooki..

thaisnyan 1897 days ago

drunk? ._.

tafthigh 1897 days ago

so, how did u drop them lbs.???

kandycane38 1897 days ago

For truthtotweet. curious why is it if u have a black pride sticker on ur car ur just proud to be black, which you should be! But if I were to have a white pride one then I'm a racist? I think we should all get to b proud of who we are, don't u?

kandycane38 1897 days ago

Love u nicole, ur hilarious

kandycane38 1897 days ago

I got a serious question for you TRUTHTOTWEET why isn't there any white people on sweetie pies or basketball wives or real housewives of atlanta???? Not everything has to do with race, jersey shore is about ITALIANS not white, black, asian, armenian...get

noTjustlexxzay 1897 days ago

Wtf do you ppl mean how did she get so skinny? She dieted &exercised like everyone who gets skinny does . You look good snooks. :)

MadelaineDuhh 1897 days ago

Omg how did u get skiny pleeeaaasee let me know!

GalDChen 1897 days ago

oh, i love you.... never stop being snookie PLEASE <3

LacunaCoilLover 1897 days ago


LATiiNA_M 1897 days ago

; lol classic..

_sarahhmichelle 1897 days ago

how are you so freaking skinny! you look great

90teto 1897 days ago

i love you snooki!!!