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My name is Kevin Hart and I WORK HARD!!! That pretty much sums me up!!! Everybody Wants To Be Famous But Nobody Wants To Do The Work

This is about to be my X Mas gift to myself , work hard so you can play harder

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1272 days ago

This is about to be my X Mas gift to myself , work hard so you can play harder


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YoungMrWard8 1266 days ago

nice car was all yall had to say then yall calln him nicknames he dont even know yu

YoungMrWard8 1266 days ago

stfu yall sound stupid..all yall big face lil eye ass people..long toe lil foot ass people..lls

mwachori 1266 days ago

WELL! ..but you see, the way his bank account is set up is....LMAO! You deserve it tho!

Kat_Daddy 1271 days ago

That's what's up Kat.

sriley1492 1271 days ago

if you dont fit in it you know who to give it too!!!! LMFAO congrats you earned it

s1l3ntMaf1a 1272 days ago

Merry Christmas Bossman

IamfaithfulCita 1272 days ago

When you work hard you deserve nice things...go ahead man! That is too sharp!

CapodannoToscan 1272 days ago

fantastic car
by Capodanno 2012 Toscana

LACEYLOTMOE63 1272 days ago


WelfareOnDeck 1272 days ago

You've earned it Mr. Hart!!!!!!

RdtoSccss 1272 days ago

I knw u'll b so happy that u'll strt feeding pigeons from ur car "Put the gddamned pigeon on the mfkng phone...Brrruuu."LOL Still laughing

iknowuluvsomeme 1272 days ago


WhiteHorse1031 1272 days ago

does it come with factory installed phone books or pedal extensions?

ms_idgaf_x 1272 days ago


JeanayaSavvy 1272 days ago

alright alright alright..

SO_classyNUNU 1272 days ago

Nice!!!! I know that's right u deserve it

LaMarr_Gregory 1272 days ago

Make sure u post the first speeding ticket, lol

SWAGG_nificent7 1272 days ago

Yeah! If you gone do it then do it big Philly style!

Crookedletta601 1272 days ago

Keep doing your thang... You came along way and i KNOW you will advance much farther!

Black_Hole8 1272 days ago

Very NICE!! Have u ever driven a Ford GT?