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@Jim_Gardner just watched a '75 grad burn his diploma outside Old Main

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1931 days ago

just watched a '75 grad burn his diploma outside Old Main


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KaraAlesandra 1930 days ago

Joe Pa to resign. Good job, everyone! Awesome pic!

terryjwood 1930 days ago

It's not $100,000+ undrmyumbrella. Back in 75 we paid $305 three times a year to go to PSU. (We were on trimesters back then). So in today's dollars, his diploma cost him less than $15,000. A PSU education was a bargain back then!

Lilypad3708 1930 days ago

what did burning his diploma do to make the situation better? What statement was he attempting to make?

gtownscrappy 1930 days ago

Yes, tippy toes, school professionals, at least, are required to report: http://www.childwelfare.gov/systemwide/laws_policies/statutes/manda.cfm

iamkarymay 1930 days ago

really ploomerc55a?!?!?!?!? HE KNEW!!!!!! makes me wonder what you would do, o... i know.............nothing.

ploomerc55a 1930 days ago

wanderingco, you think the law of any state, or this country, requires you to report hearsay to the police? If Paterno did not witness anything himself, any testimony is circumstantial. That means it is not verifiable. This is a awful, sickening crime,

_undrmyumbrella 1930 days ago

Well thats $100,000+ up in flames.

wanderingco 1930 days ago

I commend this guy for his peaceful yet powerful statement to Penn State. Shame on the way the University is handling this matter.

wanderingco 1930 days ago

King Tiptoes... you are a f*cking moron. The law does require reporting... so does human decency.

bear8002011 1931 days ago

The sad thing that most people are talking about the coaches or the shame they brought PSU the children are the victems PERIOD ! Everyone who knew anything about what took place to the children should have stood up for them and reported it to the police..

sambamclamjam 1931 days ago

only did it cuz he's too old to need it anymore. evryone is taking this farther than it needs to be

MightyPenGirl 1931 days ago

Yo, Penn State fans - Ask the Catholic Church if it's bigger than its priests and their sex abuse scandals. If you think it is, I have bad news! Good on this guy, though. It is a valid and powerful symbolic response to systemic corruption being brought to

booogaga 1931 days ago

$5 says after this he got in his car and went to the nearest Occupy protest. #dumbass

himyf 1931 days ago

it's a personal statement - i commend him for letting psu administration know theyve lost his respect

theC_Wash 1931 days ago

Burning the diploma does not negate the fact he got one. Everyone chill out.

courtneylester 1931 days ago

WOW..how could you let the actions of one man make you question the validity of your education?

KingTiptoes 1931 days ago

where does the law say that anyone has to do anything, report anything. #nosnitchin

KingTiptoes 1931 days ago

and him been an idiot is demonstrating that you cannot just fired JoePa, for doing his job

coffeygrinds 1931 days ago

I would be more impressed if he lit him self onfire

kyurgo 1931 days ago

That guy is an idiot.