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1660 days ago


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intoxiKAITed 1660 days ago

One does not simply snapshot into Mordor.

scorio51 1660 days ago

you will not make this shot!............ ya jackass

dusty_mauk 1660 days ago

Dustin Brown..."Nobody ever pays me in gum.. :("

AMCTruSVU 1660 days ago

highya!!! i karate chop you!!! lol

umbrellamiller 1660 days ago

You can have the puck that says bud light, there's no beer in that anyway.

WatsonVII 1660 days ago

Jack Nicolson! Guess he didn't get the memo.

The_Nuch 1660 days ago

Duck or Bleed!

snippiddydoda 1660 days ago

NO! you'll ruin my fantasy standings!

ICat27 1660 days ago

Orpik,"Hey! How'd they get McDonald's into the arena!?!" Brown,"I had to leave mine at the door!"

18Lazy71Geno29 1660 days ago

"Hey....Hey U....23!!...DUSTIN!!....Dust is going to be what u are when i HIT U!"

Pens67 1660 days ago

Dustin Brown.... " This was much easier against cardboard Orpik!!"

RachelLoyRomeo 1660 days ago


Jupiterxiii 1660 days ago

Here's a little something I learned from Adam Graves HIYAAAAAA!!!!!

dusty_mauk 1660 days ago

"Wow that 50 year old gentleman has very blond hair!"

hockeygirl1871 1660 days ago

Thou shall not pass!

TothGreg 1660 days ago

I'm going to eat you...nom nom

PittRelay4Life 1660 days ago

"...and that's when his stick smashed me in the face."

lreese709 1660 days ago

Oh no, you're not going to shoot that puck towards the neck.
I've got you now.