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Protester shields riot policeman #newiran #iranelection (via andrew sullivan)

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2731 days ago

Protester shields riot policeman #newiran #iranelection (via andrew sullivan)


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bannerisms 2719 days ago


dnr24 2719 days ago

Same man protecting police officer is now on Iran gov't hit list !!! Very disturbing

danielvdberg1 2723 days ago

This pictures covers it all: protestor protects a policeman. Hope police and special army in Iran will see what is really going on and join the people of Iran!

divineslayer 2723 days ago

We Of Canada support your fight rally in Toronto Can..2-4pm at queens park..The people united will never be divided

IranFree09 2724 days ago

The indefinite strike in Iran is the only possibility of a revolution!

barharborusa 2724 days ago

Very powerful!

Justpon 2724 days ago

Does it make a difference if he's plain clothed militia pretending to be a protestor? The point is, the image captures the destructive milita vs peace loving protestors seeking basic human rights. It still gives the militia a bad name

KingKrome 2724 days ago

HUMANITY!! This is a powerful pic... Peace for Iran!

Ahmadinejad will burn in hell one day...

KCat070 2728 days ago


jezthesiren 2728 days ago

This has to be one of the most powerful images I have seen...

tretdis 2729 days ago

Potser ├ęs un secreta...

realitytimes 2729 days ago

consciousness is elevating awareness, peace is above all

hazterisk 2729 days ago

Cover of Time Magazine. Go.

Isimiez 2729 days ago

Very intense and very human. That's a true hero to me.

riverblindmusic 2729 days ago

I'd believe the man is a real protester. They have been asked to keep the protest peaceful - it is in their best interests. This video shows another policeman - captured, but protected from harm.

Samtagious 2729 days ago

The protester is human, he isn't there for blood, only justice.

eShirl 2729 days ago

"How do we know he's not an a plain clothes policeman?" If he is, he's dressed in the green of the protesters.

shawnstack 2729 days ago

Compassion is essential. I am proud of this man. He obviously has an enormous amount of courage.

aimaz 2729 days ago

Call me a cynic. How do we know he's not an a plain clothes policeman? Fair play to the man if not.

razlan79 2730 days ago

Human will be human. The evil is in the politics.