Leonard Nimoy


Born in Boston.Went to Hollywood at 18. 16 years later cast as Spock in Star Trek http://t.co/xF7aMPrVzT

First meeting with Zachary Quinto LLAP

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1897 days ago

First meeting with Zachary Quinto LLAP


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MarvZwordZ 1784 days ago

Two Actors who I admire. You for your statesmanlike portrayal of the Iconic Spock Character and Mr. Quinto for his bravery in attempting to fill that role and still making a distinctly "Different" Character. you both have that Calm Whisper Thing down pat

WilliWiegand 1892 days ago

Great pic! LLAP

jexikashadow 1893 days ago

I love Zach, nice picture, thanks

rcsmiley049 1894 days ago

Zachary was the best choice for your early "self".

TuesdayPainter 1897 days ago

Such similar bone structure! Was it like looking into a mirror?

Sabicas51 1897 days ago

A mind meld, the meeting & joining of two like minded people to exchange great ideas. So Logical.☺/

NCBonnie1 1897 days ago

Does Zach NOW have an idea what he's "gotten into?" lol

visionserpent66 1897 days ago

Great photo! Thank you for sharing it with us!!

Bea_PaRuz 1897 days ago

Para soñar...

Milla189 1897 days ago

Spock and Spock. <3 Thank you kindly for sharing. :)

CapodannoToscan 1897 days ago

MAgnific, thanks for share !
By Capodanno in Toscana

irlandesaslp 1897 days ago

Sweet! Thanks for treating us!

IcallACTION 1897 days ago

e p i c

DemonicSymphony 1897 days ago

Wonderful picture. Thank you for sharing!

patbky 1897 days ago

GREAT PIC! Thanks for sharing.

Searchengines_T 1897 days ago

Young Spock-"Been sniffing those pink flowers,this side of paradise- just love you Man"

FudginRenegade 1897 days ago

You two have a really strong resemblance, I just gotta say. Nobody else could have filled your shoes better! ;-)