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alli simpson. 13 year old girl from australia. ACTRESS, MODEL, SINGER, DREAMER. living and loving life. #GCF, is the future.

so @MadisonPettis22 & i got drinks from Starbucks & said our names are Jennifer Aniston & Angelina Jolie (; #AandMrings

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1814 days ago

so & i got drinks from Starbucks & said our names are Jennifer Aniston & Angelina Jolie (; #AandMrings


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Palmy_spsn 1791 days ago

Nice pic

KarolDiias_ 1796 days ago

hahha nice!!

TheSwaggerBabe 1807 days ago

Haha! Nice. & <3 the rings! :)

grandedrug 1807 days ago

That's epic Alli. ❤

emoniemcmillian 1807 days ago


KimLord_TW 1812 days ago

Who was who?? You 2 are legends :D xx

JadensSmile 1812 days ago

Midi: " Hiii....Do you sell coffee here, i really want some coffee...thanks" Alli: Oh my god, yeah...." Madi: "And then, if they ask you what your name is, say, IM AGELINA JOLIE!!"
*laughter* Alli: "I WAS NOT, EXPECTING THAT!"
Lmao....goooood times...;)

TheGrandeMentos 1813 days ago


moopie26 1813 days ago

u guys look so cute w/ ur matching rings and celeb drinks!:D

AussiesFinestCS 1813 days ago

aaahh! you the same ring. :)

KimLord_TW 1813 days ago

Haha lol :) Thats funny!! you 2 are amazing :) xx

kristajbcs 1813 days ago

hahahhahhhahah, "IM ANGELINA JOLIE" oh, funniest video of &

TheYMCMBieber 1814 days ago

Hahah I Remeber when You Maddison Say ''I'M ANGELINA JOLIE'' Hhaha i was Laught so much xD hehe

ClaireChallenor 1814 days ago

major #swaggè!!! you girls are amazing!!!!

Jaddie_11 1814 days ago

Love Yaa :) So Pretty Is It Weird that i no what hand is urs hahah #swagge :)

ohmygreyson97 1814 days ago

Total #Swagg right there.

Edeeylovescody 1814 days ago

'' I'm Angelina Jolie " hahaa ;) <3yougirls

KaraBarriga 1814 days ago

Alli is Jennifer lol <3

Olgax_ 1814 days ago


YesICan_Taylor 1814 days ago

(: #Win (: