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beautiful photo of AFP & @neilhimself @ the maritime last week by lydia, right after @sarajbenincasa bathtub shoot. god i love him.

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2142 days ago

beautiful photo of AFP & @ the maritime last week by lydia, right after bathtub shoot. god i love him.


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StarrYogaGal 2138 days ago

You 2 look made a cute, dark couple but your man looks like he has man boobs,put him on veg diet & yoga!U R HOT!

ymperez 2140 days ago

You two are too cute... so happy two of my fave folks are happy with each other! Long live LOVE!

liquidsky 2141 days ago

aaw,you're the best couple ever!

AurRhudd 2141 days ago

Lovely picture!

Sakalela 2141 days ago

I'm very happy for you!!!!!!!!!! :)

foresthouse 2141 days ago

Aww. I was not one of the crafty Neil-journal-readers who figured out you two were dating before he said so, but now that I know, I have to say you're adorable together! :)

curseofthefurse 2142 days ago

naww. :)

Annebelle_ab 2142 days ago

whenever i see a picture of you too, or one of you is talking about the other i go all "aww" and it gives me hope in some kinde of weird way :)

syebot 2142 days ago

Too cute... No words... Gah!:)

serenityfails 2142 days ago

You guys are the best couple in the universe.

MamaGaea 2142 days ago

That is redonkulously AWWWWWWWW

lauriepink 2142 days ago

But they're not at all wet!

harrisgraber 2142 days ago

You two make a beautiful couple. All the best.

postculturist 2142 days ago

I adore your couplehood to a ridiculous extent. Thanks for being one of the happy things in the world.

dave__mac 2142 days ago

For what it's worth, even from this remove, I think the feelings mutual! And it's a very beautiful thing! ^.^

ginablack 2142 days ago

sweet, sweet, sweet

oryskid 2142 days ago

Hello you lovely couple you,so goog when two soulmates finally re connect glad you.did for youbothand the world .together you can bring lightto us all

trainerr 2142 days ago

Love is a beautiful thing when it shines through in a photo. You're lucky to have found each other, & u both seem to inspire the creativity within the other.

DebintheWind 2142 days ago

Awwww...twoo wuv...

lestatswife 2142 days ago

AFP, I love your jacket!