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Flew over Greenland on the way back to the states

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1370 days ago

Flew over Greenland on the way back to the states


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eliteixei 1367 days ago


XxDarkSunsetxX 1368 days ago

wow whats for an amazing landscape *QQ* You did a good job with it ♥

2nd_flying 1369 days ago

오 여기가 그린랜드임?????얼음이 많이없넹 그래도 멋잇다 비행기에서 찍은것같닷!!!!!!

LarryLivermore 1369 days ago

Eric the Red supposedly named it Greenland to attract colonists. Old school real estate scam.

81Anonimo81 1369 days ago

I have a curiosity: why Greenland if the ice is white ? Whiteland would be a nice name for it.

sylvia_DE 1369 days ago

Great pic, very impressive! Thank you!

miou_artist 1370 days ago

beautifull !!! ♥.♥

mschelhaas 1370 days ago

still very beautiful (also as photo!) but reminds me also of coming too late for iceskating

smilingblubelly 1370 days ago

OMG! It's dying!! Saddest pic of the day. :(

Milamboi1 1370 days ago


ukiss88iwish 1370 days ago

why dont u stop by for a day? lol this is great!

florahanakoubou 1370 days ago


Sarinow 1370 days ago

Wow. Fantastic.

bubbletoed 1370 days ago


PlayGroundology 1370 days ago

the top of the world - fire, ice and stunning fjords

Aggelicaleni 1370 days ago


speeddf 1370 days ago


e_heda 1370 days ago

Its amazing :)

ngc4639 1370 days ago

俺の恋人ベク!ノアちゃんは今、アメリカに帰る途中のグリーンランド上空だって.綺麗だね。ダイナミックだ。直のお日の愛をあげる。愛してるよ。my irreplaceable

tianeaquin 1370 days ago

great! very nice!