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1730 days ago


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escalinci 1729 days ago

Is it this airport that you can rate the immigration staff too? Might've been beijing.

Dabby_Peace 1729 days ago

food was disgusting, wont be visiting again

ExBankerLovinIt 1729 days ago

The "Excellent" guy is straining a bit

MissLittleJK 1729 days ago


moores_lore 1729 days ago

Welcome to Singapore Charlie! If you need a guide drop me a line would be happy to show you other exceptional toilets ;-)

Oneoliner 1729 days ago

It's the new public representation voting system.

AnchriB1990 1730 days ago rate the sex you just had

teqnick 1730 days ago

It sucked

BrianMacu 1730 days ago

A very poor rating for a toilet, on a plane, would be a terrifying prospect

AnchriB1990 1730 days ago

I'd give it a 111....

StevenHowe 1730 days ago

please rate the hygiene of this screen by touching it...

wornlimtv 1730 days ago

"Never mistake motion for action." -Ernest Hemingway

wornlimtv 1730 days ago

big "anal" brother ! :)

spugesdu 1730 days ago

Knowing the standards at Changi airport it was probs the best dump you could have.

Dracnoiseperson 1730 days ago

It was shit!

seguesinto 1730 days ago

Excellent before; very poor after.

BethBreeze 1730 days ago

Your experience whilst on it, or...

ShawMcIver 1730 days ago

I would say piss poor

Gaz911 1730 days ago

It was shit