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The Best Halloween Costumes of 2011, Part Deux:

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1939 days ago

The Best Halloween Costumes of 2011, Part Deux:


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myownsimpsons 1936 days ago

Yes! Look at the fat kid....LOOK AT HIM. And of course the "sexy" Weird Al, American girls have sexified everything

JennieSukha 1938 days ago

I guess it's because you looked more goofy back then. <3 Love ya!

JennieSukha 1938 days ago

Wow, awesome! LoL I should do that next year. Why doesn't any one dress up as Al nowadays, though?

GeorgeRidgemont 1939 days ago

thanks mr Y! what a cool thing to do!

bestbing 1939 days ago

you bing

NoveltyRaging 1939 days ago

Stupid Sexy Al.

jatackett 1939 days ago

I'm with Lady Gaga! Thanks Weird Al, so cool!

skidskid52997 1939 days ago

so cool! im gonna be weird al next year

markrichert87 1939 days ago

The one in the upper right makes me think naughty thoughts about you. This is very awkward...

Ludovicaa 1939 days ago

Aww I see AND (both the latter are new look Al too! :)

sadchild 1939 days ago

a smart costume. easily recycled as Howard Stern the following year.

starbex 1939 days ago

That's me in the middle (with the guitar, for some weird reason). I was 8! That photo was from 1986 but this is SUCH AN HONOR. Thanks, Weird Al!

curiousbutterfl 1939 days ago


ADeshotel 1939 days ago

Wow, a lot of people are dressed as Prince this year.

MrVoT1313 1939 days ago

The girl in the top right went as "sexy Weird Al"
Why must it always be sexy?

Weirdal1 1939 days ago

tell us where we can send it if you could thanks

Weirdal1 1939 days ago

i dressed up as you last night.......i dont know where to send it to get to you though

Christytwit 1939 days ago

ok think I know who I want to be next Halloween!