Incredible dinner last night at Eddy V’s in Houston, with my old pal Scott Parazynski, @SPOTScott!  We were able to get caught up, reminisce about days gone by, and talk about new adventures.  Chris and Dave joined us, and we retold the solar array repair story.  Even though the time is slipping by and the STS-120 mission is slowly becoming a distant memory, that story of triumph on November 3, 2007 still makes me shiver.  One day I'll tell the tale of my ‘free float’ during that spacewalk, the moment where I had to just let go and trust in the laws of physics and orbital mechanics...and fervent prayer.   :-)

I often think back on the ways that Scott has spoken into my life.  I’ve attached a photo of us together at the Everest Base Camp in Nepal in May 2008, about 6 months after we returned to Earth.  Taken in front of Scott’s tent, he decided to dress up for the photo…clean shaven, STS-120 hat…I decided to…well…save my razor from certain demise.      :-P

Spike and Tike together again.  Many thanks to the wonderful staff at Eddy V’s.

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