Al Yankovic


You know... the Eat It guy.

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2571 days ago


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grnmon 2502 days ago

just what i want to do... watch a low budget movie at an abandoned movie theater... just kidding... i own a copy! ever consider going to halloween horror nights?

laserblast 2503 days ago

netflix streams UHF daily, FYI

mjbdiver 2525 days ago

"UHF" is a classic. Supplies!

Marebear2406 2545 days ago

lol just left a message about this on another pic. If there's ever a screening for it in Houston, I'll be there. =]

mosoto_com 2553 days ago

hey man cool pic! come chat on Mosoto!

KnavishSprite 2560 days ago

Ah, dang... I missed it!

SECW127 2560 days ago


iceaje 2562 days ago

Best Movie EVER!!!!!!!!!!

LOCONEWS 2563 days ago

Look, one movie is fine. But a freaky pose infront of the sign is enough. Get real kid

redravensounds 2564 days ago

Wow UHF is the new Rocky Horror! Do people dress up like Stanley S. and Kumi?

joeyjupiter 2564 days ago

that movie is good

CasperGirl69 2564 days ago

Damn it I missed it! Aaaaah!

JimmyADUSA 2564 days ago

Was RJ Fletcher able to make an appearance???

sugarpoultry 2565 days ago

UHF is still my favorite movie to watch with a big group of friends after midnight. Great stuff!

energizedtech 2567 days ago

gotta say. UHF is still something you can ALWAYS rewatch. Michael Richardson was classic in there.

mickmoart 2567 days ago

"You get to drink from, THE FIRE HOSE! OPEN WIDE!" The DVD extras are hilarious, dude! You look metal in this! :D

TaysLadybug 2567 days ago

YAY ur name in lights go Al :P

Juijiee 2567 days ago

Yay Al! Did everybody remember to bring their spatulas? :)

SatineKC 2568 days ago

Regency Fairfax! I work there! Why didn't you come in? We would have quietly acknowledged you and secretly sung the Weird Al Show theme song in our heads.

fudgiedog 2568 days ago

Where is this?