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1958 days ago


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alika72 1779 days ago

YYYIIIKKEEESSS!!!!! that thing is like frogzilla!!!

The_Evil_Bitch 1828 days ago

gotta love those pop and lock containers lol glad u caught him... no bull frogs were harmed in the catch and release lol

drfats 1869 days ago

that would be one fat ass prince!

pixistix12590 1870 days ago

yuck. i happen to be frog-a-phobic

sweetAnne39 1928 days ago

hey, Let Kermit go...Miss Piggy will miss him.

juicy5xoxo 1937 days ago

OMG! thats huge!!!

Bevtoyou 1947 days ago

Thats the biggest frog I've seen outside of the one in our pond which I fondly refer to as Bubba. :D

PeiLie 1950 days ago

OMG...that thing is huge...ew ew ew...
glad you got him..

logan1elizabeth 1951 days ago

WOW! i've seen one like that size at my house a couple of years ago, same thing it was in our pool.

01kdb 1955 days ago

I've never seen lock-n-lock used for that.

micheleangelia 1955 days ago

Nice! Glad you got him!! Looks like the one's we have in our pond off our front porch!! There is one that has been croaking too! My daughter just loves them!! :)

Dimplesfan 1956 days ago

Holy crap! He is huge! Maybe now you'll get a good nights sleep, lol!

Debzwrld 1956 days ago

Need to come catch the one keeping me awake

gfkakoko 1957 days ago

That's one way to keep him fresh lol

bwilcox30 1957 days ago

If you kiss him will he turn into a prince?

lin_cora 1957 days ago

What does Mrs D think about u using her good tupperware? I bet she gave u heck!! Lol

havetosmile 1957 days ago

Crikey! You can put a saddle on that boy and go for a ride!LOL!!

Hunnydusst 1957 days ago

OMG..... $50 says Chris's next tweet is "headed out to buy Deanna some new tupperware. LMAO

DebBee80 1958 days ago

Way to go!! That will help you sleep well tonight :) [hopefully he has no nearby friends!] lol

nickiseagull 1958 days ago

OMG that could have been dangerous!