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월드멸치투어 - 마지막 장식은 영국!!!! 첼시vs아스날 전을 보다니ㅜㅜ 아아아아 떨려!!!

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902 days ago

월드멸치투어 - 마지막 장식은 영국!!!! 첼시vs아스날 전을 보다니ㅜㅜ 아아아아 떨려!!!


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Syifa_Muslimah8 609 days ago


saraali1987 783 days ago

oppa please visit kurdistan rieonl in the north of iraq

Nupla9052 815 days ago

Oppa so handsome :)

PSKissMe 829 days ago

Too cute :3 Your eyes <3

JanramSimma 875 days ago

I wish you well on your way to it, and I hope you will come to a concert in Thailand again....^..^....

yuinchee 875 days ago

i like ur hair so much~~it is amazing!!awesome eunhyuk~~

yumy_snow 878 days ago

woa.kute we' truj nun.suju_eun kyuk number rang hae..............

fighting1999 883 days ago


ONaNA_MImIO 888 days ago

WOW you like football very much

zoniiitaz 890 days ago

항상 아름다운!

kaisoo12 892 days ago

Next time you'll come to Norway, okay? 555

leesangra13 892 days ago

So cute TT TT

LuckyEina_PhCa 895 days ago

they always say that u r not goodlooking,,,..hmmp!...they are absolutely wrong!,i hate them...i love this guy sooo much,everytime he smile all the sadness will fade away...saranghaeyo hyukjae

MadziaVelMadzik 895 days ago

Oppa! please check my A-CHa fanart (: I hope You'll like it (: and full size recommended~!! P:

wiggles_ming 896 days ago


hortenciaaraujo 896 days ago


Dhienta 897 days ago

If i go there, i'm not waching Primer League but i'm waching you oppa heee

PrincessMotte 898 days ago

JUst be Blue Saphire, just like The Blues!!!! go ANCHOVY! 항상 사랑한 ^_^

eunbin_hyukki 899 days ago