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Caption this picture of Kim Zolciak and we'll reveal our favorites on WWHL this Sunday!!!!

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1799 days ago

Caption this picture of Kim Zolciak and we'll reveal our favorites on WWHL this Sunday!!!!


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0neMerryD1va 1798 days ago

Kim Zolciak voted 'most likely to regret giant wreath-shaped hair' causes father's inability to smile

0neMerryD1va 1798 days ago

"Student Kim Zolciak's wig flies off during the throwing of the mortar boards, injuries reported"

0neMerryD1va 1798 days ago

"Student Kim Zolciak gets caught smoking cigarette during ceremony after retrieving pack from hairdo"

Chefpaulstp 1799 days ago

Wheel of misfortune?

Chefpaulstp 1799 days ago

Vanna (white)...catogory: phrase B__ H__...linda blaire

kathyber1167 1799 days ago

I did'nt know that Jill Zarin was Kim's mother!

uhsue 1799 days ago

is this supposed to be her proof that she was actually a nurse?

ELUBAN 1799 days ago

Kim's younger sisters are so much hotter.

turkeylegs11 1799 days ago

The higher the hair the closer to heaven!

KTEACH25 1799 days ago

"wow mom&dad I'm so happy to graduate now I can go to wig college & bcome a wigologist!"

pamspan123 1799 days ago

"So much Aquanet was used that a religious statue became stuck to her head!"

pamspan123 1799 days ago

Bwahahah! Oh Kim, the 80s hair was not kind to any of us, but, that IS quite the hair helmet!

Bankerbob3048 1799 days ago

It's no surprise Kim married a professional football player. As a child she would spend hours in bed cuddling her hair helmet.

Bankerbob3048 1799 days ago

Kim was always obsessed with wigs. When she was young and couldn't afford them she would duct tape the family's miniature poodle Cocoa to her head.

AnnCruit 1799 days ago

Before I had big boobs, I had big hair!

delisiaraceli 1799 days ago

I knew she wasn't a natural blonde, I knew it! On a side note, we SO need to bring shoulder pads back.

n8smomma2007 1799 days ago

I didn't think that Delta Burke Had any kids!!!

Jaxxluvssixx 1799 days ago

Clearly Kim is smiling because Sweetie remembered to bring the cigarettes..and the KFC

mzlababay 1799 days ago

hold on is the one in the middle kim! im confused #housewifeproblems

MarkReagan321 1799 days ago

Her father is a nice looking man. Kim must be adopted