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Being in a Robert Wagner & David McCallum #NCIS sandwich? #DoesntSuck :)

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1002 days ago

Being in a Robert Wagner & David McCallum #NCIS sandwich? #DoesntSuck :)


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MrsNCIS 988 days ago

David is sooooooooooo cute :)) look at his face :3

Misspeace_love 997 days ago

Hooooo *-* I Love you guys :D

andriaallen 1001 days ago

I am jealous of those guys... Love ya!!! :)

NCISZiverCote 1001 days ago

Great pic!!! :} I love it! You guys are all amazing!

Saratkum 1001 days ago

I imagine it couldddd be a yummy one xD

Skippy_E 1001 days ago

Practically too much awesome for one picture.

geordiehump 1001 days ago

What a lovely photo! :-)xxx

joanieb64 1001 days ago

Pauley, you are very lucky lady!!!!! I'm jealous!!!!

June1701 1001 days ago

You are awesome!! Hope Robert will return as Tony's Dad! They even look alike!
Luv ya lots!

kb9rgd 1002 days ago

Nice snap P

LarryLeeMoniz 1002 days ago

Let's see now... boy-girl-boy, that's enough! It's great to see three TV icons in a row.

wickedharlequin 1002 days ago

Officially the GREATEST pic ever!

Sarinow 1002 days ago

So jealous. Two of my favorite men. Love you all.

lindaleemeyer 1002 days ago

Great pic! I burned my bras 20 years ago. Glad to see I'm not the only one. Your doing great on #ncis

Kevin_Beckler 1002 days ago

wow! show respect people! is kind enough 2 show us her life @ work, and some inmatures only wanna talk about bra or no bra.

SpyderMunkai 1002 days ago

They are soooo lucky!!! I wished I was standing next to you!! <3 btw, how can i get an autographed pic?

56AmyJane 1002 days ago

You lucky, lucky girl! So jealous.

Pauleyfan 1002 days ago

So jealous! Wish i was there too!

mucjb23 1002 days ago

Cool sandwich!

Fizzbin11 1002 days ago

A hug from two all time great sex symbols. Al Mundy and Illya Kuryakin. I bet they are enjoying it too!