Henry Lau


It's me...Henry!

home sweet home...good to b bak.

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1372 days ago

home sweet home...good to b bak.


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cookietit 1339 days ago

this is ur hat?very nice 4 u,my baby

racheldo1 1362 days ago

yeah! home sweet home! take a rest-my mochi!!^^

derpderpmerple 1370 days ago

TT_TT Canucks lost the last 2 games, but, we'll be back >:D

SJ_Saranghae143 1370 days ago

Home in Toronto? ^^ I'm going home too this Saturday ^^

bubbletea88 1371 days ago

Happy that you're back! :) But I disapprove of the Maple Leafs hat :P Go Sens go! Lol..

cherbear1928 1371 days ago

awwwwww maple leafs for u me red wings all the way enjoy being home w/family

Jackythefirst 1371 days ago

Lol I'll do it virtually :p

Jackythefirst 1371 days ago

Went to Toronto last week from Montreal, my friend from my sweet home Paris told me to cheek-kiss you

Winter_Rain 1371 days ago

Lucky, I would love to be home. Enjoy. x

Hanc0c0 1371 days ago

itukan topi aku.. :( (?) kak Mochi jahat! topi itu belom lunas.. :D *lunasin ya~

mirchoryeo 1371 days ago

aww welcome back!^^

Romanticboy302 1371 days ago

yeah~very good..^^

BeatriceRichet 1371 days ago

I'm glad you feel good to be back sweetie :)

dksdudek 1371 days ago

home sweet home ^~^ Be happy!!

Oil2aj 1371 days ago

Have a good time :)

nhatquynh89 1371 days ago

just enjoy :D

YudiaYS_JI8 1371 days ago

Welcome to your home... :)
Home is the best....
Hold on, is it your hat?

seashell_suju15 1372 days ago

back to Toronto?..what about ss4 rehearsals then? =)

nancy550310 1372 days ago

welcome home!
have a good time~~

Vay1991 1372 days ago

i'll wait u sweety. kkkkk