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1826 days ago


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dan783 1826 days ago

Thanks for the info :) so a little bit more (without adding in shipping over Heromart's price again, but I'll get it :)

PowerdragonAE 1826 days ago

i dont see whats so great about the chaos eye but vordreds sword ...... now thats one think to buy

SoraToHoshi 1826 days ago

Each pack was 6.99 which was about the cost of other games booster packs.

Qsalman 1826 days ago

Good point! How much DID they cost?

dan783 1826 days ago

Mine had no idea what I was talking about, how much did those run you at Toys R Us?

Qsalman 1826 days ago

That sure was quick, doesn't it come out tomorrow though?

NyarlathotepAQW 1826 days ago

ZOMG! A black thing with tread?!