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PENN vs. DIAZ!!!

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1490 days ago

PENN vs. DIAZ!!!


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prey2h 1489 days ago

it's gonna be a great fight!

MXJaxson 1489 days ago

Diaz weathers a 1st round STORM by Penn, but it goes to decision. Diaz wins the 3rd round tie breaker cuz of his cardio.

Grandaddynative 1490 days ago

nicks gonna cry after whooping that pipico wah short ribs' ass. love bj 2 but home town gonna bring da pain

JennyFriedman1 1490 days ago

yeup, they look like the totally hate each other! lol

JoeyWren 1490 days ago

I love them both. Hard to root against either one of them =(

Nate_Cal 1490 days ago

I was there today... Penn is the f*ckin man.

Obinaimportante 1490 days ago


Bosley410 1490 days ago

penn doesnt look scared..looks like hes not impressed by diaz i hope penn destroys diaz hes a punk

Rubazao 1490 days ago

DIAZ kill him. K.O First round.

Bosnianmmafan 1490 days ago

its obvious penn don't give a shit anymore and diaz will kick his ass

RTLenzi 1490 days ago

Don't be scared homie!

Stacey_Lee_84 1490 days ago


billium101 1490 days ago

diaz islike jones.people don't realizehow big he is until he steps in the ring.and then its too late

RobertoFuentesJ 1490 days ago

This should make for an EPIC fight. I think this is a more exciting fight than GSP vs Condit!

1LuckyLegend 1490 days ago

Is Diaz staring down Penn, or trying to throw a forearm at Dana? You be the judge! LMFAO! Good Fight!