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Here's my newest monster! It's some sort of Fiend.

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1702 days ago

Here's my newest monster! It's some sort of Fiend.


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PCgamer1998 1686 days ago

taht looks like a gourd monster for hollownen

Vokun_AE 1692 days ago

I got the same here, I got primal, and void, but cant get fiend =(

swordmaster_dr 1695 days ago

it reminds me of fiend of milt dam i shouldnt have got a rae version of void and non rare primal cuz i cant get fiend and in all tht time i got 100k for blood cloak for quest to get undentified 24!!! omg im mad unlucky cuz it took me this loong for requir

Kimimaro97 1696 days ago

i like it, you should make some armors 2 man.

MaximusCorvinus 1697 days ago

Nulgath.. When youre gonna release new good armor and weapons for Jugg.?.. Your still the best for me.....

ElectrumYGO 1700 days ago

thank you 4 this fiend it will make 30% of my new creation again thank you Nulgath The Assistent MOHAHAHA! xD

ElectrumYGO 1700 days ago

Mehehehe...my new fiend look it needs some upgreads...its my third version of mi on my second version i am votking on my armor but u are not interested in that

AQWguy 1701 days ago

Reminds me of my mental image of grendel.

JempaAE 1701 days ago

its face like monkeyface :D

AvengerAQW 1701 days ago

looks fiendish :P

prototypexpalex 1701 days ago

and the tru armors nulgath look mad and evil players want this like this,dage is dark but no look mad

prototypexpalex 1701 days ago

up5001 the problem nulgath no give more armors and all players speak nulgath name same god aqw

AEgamer5001 1701 days ago

proto hes still in aqw but also working on his own game but this looks like candeh monsta and battle pt

prototypexpalex 1701 days ago

you are the one have old school and players want this

prototypexpalex 1701 days ago

nulgath aqw need you agen,give best armors the evil pure armors,only you have this

DesignMt 1701 days ago

reminds me of a predator painted brown and given a skull inflation

Borqito 1701 days ago

At first I thought it was 'some sort of Freud'. Then I'm like, psychoanalysis isn't monstrous.

SimplyAwsum 1702 days ago

Oh no, it's Nulgath. COME BACK, MILTONIUS!

XDraks 1702 days ago

Ohh pretty nice Nulgath! the fiend reminds me of...of....of...dammit...i know the damn things name...ARGH I CAN'T REMEMBER! still pretty nice! :D

kens_malice 1702 days ago

pretty dam cool nulgath u need to start posting more man every1 thought u disapeared