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Grew up in Seattle. Lives in LA.

VGHS school ID cards. So classy.

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1308 days ago

VGHS school ID cards. So classy.


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mycameraismyson 1061 days ago

I need that... with a custom name... or know how to make one... SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!

nikisaletta 1287 days ago

How much is tuition? Enroll me!

IAmTheParanoia 1301 days ago

Shut up and take my money. with the name Parano!a. seriously, can we pay to get one?

Edunb412 1307 days ago

What would you say that is? PVC card? i'm looking to make something like that myself

DarkLurker003 1308 days ago

I would buy this. It would also be cool if i could add my own nickname. Can't wait for the series!

tempusername915 1308 days ago

Awesome! I would totally buy one of these.

black_light_st 1308 days ago

I surely want one of those, or something similar.

SilvaShadow1990 1308 days ago

why doesthe emblem remind me of the game 'The Bully'?

RagingBPirate 1308 days ago

Me gusta! I want one of those!

seanllll 1308 days ago

i want it >.<

S_Romanet 1308 days ago

I know his birthday now!!!

Br4dl3y1895 1308 days ago


nicnacboi570 1308 days ago

You should totally sell those with custom names and such.

Adzorr 1308 days ago

Freddie "The Law" Wong I like and your ID No should totally contain 1337

ohYoungone 1308 days ago

Love the card and the name.

IndigoCow 1308 days ago

I wanna get one :E (cat frowning)

_DragonForest_ 1308 days ago

OMG SO COOL! Wish i had one :D