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Photo from #OWS Oakland. These are not rubber bullets based on my experience in Israel/Palestine

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1943 days ago

Photo from #OWS Oakland. These are not rubber bullets based on my experience in Israel/Palestine


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darmyman 1940 days ago

Yep, that will move a crowd but not inflict permanent injury.

ThatOneRoadie 1942 days ago

Also worth noting: Pepperball rounds are simply paintball rounds filled with a slightly more concentrated pepper spray solution (0.5% to 5% PAVA). The outer shell of a Pepperball is primarily made with the same stuff as crayon wax.

ThatOneRoadie 1942 days ago

than a rubber bullet cartridge (The shell is marked stabilized and marking; rubber rounds are typically neither). The shot on the right, however, I'm not familiar with. It could be a rubber bullet; it could be a part of an end cap to a flashbang.

ThatOneRoadie 1942 days ago

yup, rubber bullets fire with a primer and explosive. Pepperball rounds fire from paintball guns. See . Also, the shell on the left is a less-than-lethal round, but looks more to be a beanbag round than a

koloskus 1942 days ago

are you sure? It seems to match up so perfectly. I don't know though.

MyTweet2873 1942 days ago




phatphototucson 1942 days ago

actually that would be a Pepperball launcher it cant shoot those.

BartoGirl 1942 days ago

If this is the case,then what do you think will happen in Frisco??

koloskus 1942 days ago the paintball-looking gun. thats what they shoot the rubber bullets from.

koloskus 1942 days ago

These are my hands, i was holding up examples of what was being shot at us last night.

phatphototucson 1942 days ago

Right would have to be fired from a 37 or 40mm launcher, not a shotgun/flex baton round

phatphototucson 1942 days ago

Left is a Flex Baton shell (aka bean bag round).

protectedstatic 1942 days ago

They're a 'less-than-lethal' (!) rubber buckshot round. Pretty common in US police arsenals.