Occupy Oakland


Born October 10, 2011. Ain't no party like a west coast party! Spread the occupations. Intensify the struggle. No to police occupation. Oakland rise up!

One protester injured. Rubber bullet to the head.

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1765 days ago

One protester injured. Rubber bullet to the head.


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mancallchicago 1747 days ago

Oh my God! the whole public world and I demand to know what the hell in the world this man has done why they try to kill him? justify this! satisfy us! please.

geanark 1764 days ago

Solidarity bro, thanks for taking one for me.

opdheadshot 1764 days ago

...Maybe it was a rubber bullet after all. Cartridges found...

the_akiniti 1765 days ago


BadassMcKill 1765 days ago

So saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

owenbrianssong 1765 days ago

Guess its time Folks!!!
These police, are not protecting the people! They are corprate drones! Paid to protect the interests of the elete!Nothing more than slaves!
Time to take back what is our birth right!
Remember People!! The constitution grants you

stream47 1765 days ago

He's lucky it wasn't a rubber bullet, a little bit lower & through his eye & the paper-thin bone behind, minced his brain, and killed him.

sojournermike 1765 days ago

OWS needs a strong and coherent message especially if they are facing teargas, rubber bullets, and jail time.

Tim__Page 1765 days ago

Propaganda protesters marched on the police and got violent for a photo op vermin had it coming

WriterNeedsWork 1765 days ago

provoking cops? GO READ A HISTORY BOOK i.e. Berkley 1960's before you open your mouth


For as many times as I've seen this horrific picture, it still doesn't make it any easier. : (

misterkatamari 1765 days ago

, Not that getting shot in the HEAD with a tear gas canister is better. Probably worse.

misterkatamari 1765 days ago

, so it wasn't a rubber bullet? Were any used? Just curious since the PD says no.

dwalsh3 1765 days ago

, hope you don't mind, I used your image in this poster: http://i.imgur.com/jSOe1.jpg

TheWorldNews 1765 days ago

Tweet your #Occupy or #OWS pics or videos with in the post and I will retweet for you.

opdheadshot 1765 days ago

Just to clarify: I was shot in the head w/ a tear gas canister. Stitches and love. We will prevail.

sustainableenv 1765 days ago

You're looking at it dburd, go ahead dazzle us with your vocabulary.

dburd48778 1765 days ago

Show me what a police state looks like!

sustainableenv 1765 days ago

This is what democracy looks like in Oakland.

dburd48778 1765 days ago

lol Learn to distract with vocabulary. First have something that'll catch interest THEN use a bunch of words that you think they'll have to look up. +