Somethings we just can't describe, that's what i feel about you katy, like... an eternal love, words can't express this feeling. Today, october 25th you're completing your 27th birthday, just wanna say happy birthday, i wish you the best, forever. My happiness depends on yours, i'll never deny that i love each day more, you're just... everything to me, for you i'll do it all, for you i'll risk it all, you're a part of me and no one will ever be able to take you from me, i would do any stupid thing to see your smile, thanks for inspiring me, thank you for being the wonderful person who you are, thanks for being so important to me, i can say that without you my life is not the same as it is, i'm the most proud person in this whole world to say that i'm a katycat. I'm living a teenage dream with you. You'll be in my heart forever and ever, i breathe you. KATY EU TE AMO. As i already said it, words can't express what i feel. You're my firework, i love you katheryn elizabeth hudson brand, and this is forever. ♥