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Just unpacked my suitcase and found this note from TSA. Guess they discovered a "personal item" in my bag. Wow.

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1127 days ago

Just unpacked my suitcase and found this note from TSA. Guess they discovered a "personal item" in my bag. Wow.


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brenda_robby 1117 days ago

Why hate on her? Like the TSA agent had fun, she posted in good fun. Not her fault he got bustd

Stuart21 1118 days ago

"You're a nobody that just got your 15 minutes"
Hold your breath will you Rollover? Yours will come too -

Kadee120906 1118 days ago

Ur no angel Jill! Toy-luvn, attn-wanting, man hatin' sexist! U cost someone a job, UR so gross!!

Kadee120906 1118 days ago

No wonder U you sleep w/ toys, no bf, no dates! U blog 'bout hatin' men but luv ur toys & 'gasms!

Kadee120906 1118 days ago

Geez, happy now? Got the agent fired? Reprimanding would've sufficed. UR 15mins are UP Jill!

spartaness 1119 days ago

OMG - dont use it! LOL

Marco_Chp 1120 days ago

WTF, try to take your life smiling a little more.
He probably would have done the same with a man if he had found condoms...this is not sexism, it is irony!

euroduke 1121 days ago

You seem cute (eyes are the window of the soul, so you should not wear glasses). Is it so hard to find a bf in America? Maybe the TSA employee was making a humorous pass. But then, why leave a clearly African American slang comment on the Spanish-language

ElioMorandi 1121 days ago

jokes are accepted, my dear

ArtAsFuck 1122 days ago

This is hilarious. People need to lighten up.

thinkdeep42 1122 days ago

This is a total vibration of privacy.

MrMakingUsmile 1122 days ago

This definitely sets the example for what not to do on your JOB. Unprofessional TSA Agent back on the streets in a tough job market.

leftychoice 1122 days ago

Jill Kudos to you for standing up for your rights, glad that idiot disrespectful unprofessional TSA agent was fired and for those who don't agree well I'll love for your doctor to behave in a disrespectful way towards you and talk about your body and your

DustysGuitar 1122 days ago

ahhhh need any fresh batteries?

DWidrig 1122 days ago

Jill, Excellent attitude you have! And I say to the TSA agent - GROW UP!

redea30591 1122 days ago

When was it that you was forced to take a plane? You chose their rules when you chose to fly.

LibertasAmo 1123 days ago

. I imagine you enjoy harassing someone with the balls to stand up to tyranny.

max1mos111 1123 days ago

Is the stalker tsa leaving bunny heads in your bike basket?