Dakota Goyo


Son, Brother, Friend, Student, Actor.

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Signing autographs at The Toronto Zoo for The Herbie Fund.
What an amazing day!

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1058 days ago

Signing autographs at The Toronto Zoo for The Herbie Fund.
What an amazing day!


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OMGKasiaLol 963 days ago

That reminds me of a scene in real steel when those 3 girls want a picture and Charlie wanted $5 xD

mojo9o 1043 days ago

I guess I can still visit just without Dakota there. I will need my chia seeds and I might have to

mojo9o 1043 days ago

DA............. I MISSED IT..... :((((((((((((((( PARADOX LIKE DEATH IN METAL GEAR SOLID 3!

mojo9o 1043 days ago

I know I wouldn't have support anyways. I just need to see him for two GREAT reasons.

mojo9o 1043 days ago

I'm a grown adult; and I can leave home without a word if I want to

mojo9o 1043 days ago

I should have seriously tried riding my bike there in one week just to see Dakota.

mojo9o 1052 days ago

It just had the colors... like all 3 dominate colors: sky blue, gray, and navy blue.

mojo9o 1052 days ago

Just this morning! Except it was short sleeve & I DIDNT expect to realize that just now!

mojo9o 1052 days ago

I had a dream I was still in school but had no uniform shirt so i put on a shirt like his sweater.

NicoGuillenGoyo 1055 days ago

dakota i wanna participate on the herbie fund i like help people:)

mojo9o 1055 days ago

I was wondering if he went on the walk with them, but I imagined the necessity is otherwise.

just_that_ira 1056 days ago

wow what a cool picture! and you are smiling as usual!

itskaylavarona 1056 days ago

I wanna be there ~ I love you

mojo9o 1057 days ago

What a very nice pictograph! Dakota puts the relation and shipment back into relationships!

desmondyanny 1057 days ago

cool man!!
i want it too!!!
i wish i was there :(

XxImHanaxX 1058 days ago

Envy them, I wish I was there :(

Dzhunit 1058 days ago

Cool picture:) Dakota you as always gorgeous

mojo9o 1058 days ago

Lol I am so fatigued. I started clicking your shoe on full size pic!

mojo9o 1058 days ago

HAha! I pictured looking from the right side of the table in hot, yellow sun; no shade!

KaPRAaWings 1058 days ago

sweeeet smile huh?~O>_<O