Happy Anniversary STS-120!  It was four years ago today…October 23, 2007 at 11:39am Eastern Standard Time…The Space Shuttle Discovery roared to life, broke the chains of gravity, and soared to the heavens.  It is a ‘significant emotional event’ sitting on top of a loaded rocket on the launch pad.  The closest people to the pad are our escape crew that are in a concrete bunker over a mile away…it takes just a couple of seconds to realize that you are sitting on the reason why!  Happy 4th anniversary to our entire team!  Here is a photo with my spacewalking partner, my mentor, and my dear friend Scott Parazynski (@SPOTScott).  Notice the nametags…I went from ‘Tike’ to ‘Flambo’ to ‘Cupcake’…and Scott went from ‘Spike’ to ‘Longbow’ to ‘Beefcake’…long story for another time.  Little did we know when this photo was taken in the suit-up room, the situation that awaited us in space.  A torn solar array would require an emergency repair spacewalk.  ‘Impossible’ is a word that does not exist in NASA’s vocabulary.  It was the proudest moment of my life, to witness the courage, bravery and daring of our team.  Happy Anniversary!  ‘Spike’…let’s climb a mountain together soon…     - ‘Tike’ 

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