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just bumped into the King.richard petty.never know who you will see at cmafest #fb

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2732 days ago

just bumped into the King.richard petty.never know who you will see at cmafest #fb


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Drea1552 2727 days ago

lol look at D.B. could he be in happier!?! lol

dgbrown81 2729 days ago

Awesome picture!

b_j_d 2729 days ago

I admit i am jealous as hell, I have always looked up to thay man.

deb_whocares 2731 days ago

Da King !

kellyh310 2731 days ago

very cool Dierks! :) would love to see mr.petty! anyone else you were glad to see at CMAfest? watching you on LARRY KING right now! i love that all your curls are back!!! :)

ShannonBaxter 2732 days ago

I am very jealous my friend! Love the picture! :)

LIVELIFEJAK 2732 days ago

Awesome picture! Right place, right time! REMEMBER - GO WINGS!

wAtzmyname05 2732 days ago

a man's gotta do what a mans gotta do...hol up was that even in his movie?? hell i cant remember i was probably 2 when i watched it..

amberroe 2732 days ago

Great picture!

MlSSYY 2732 days ago

freakin' awesome dierks!

scmonkeyshine 2732 days ago

AWESOME FOR YOU!! Cool picture!

KristiM88 2732 days ago

Thanks for sharing the pic! That's awesome!

capNamerica18 2732 days ago

now that truely is a King

shannonb26 2732 days ago

You are wearing plaid!! Great picture, and thanks for sharing! I kind of fell like I'm right there with you, keep the visuals coming =o)

TrueCountry943 2732 days ago

We're jealous - Congratulations!

heritagesoftail 2732 days ago

Awesome Dierks. Thanks for the picture.:)

DB_KU_WWEGirl 2732 days ago

That's way cool!

AmandaM821 2732 days ago

That's awesome! What a great pic!!

Angie11Fan 2732 days ago