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7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

A pic from training yesterday w/ @levi_leipheimer, @maxtaam, and Simon Gerrans (who needs to get on Twitter!!)

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2781 days ago

A pic from training yesterday w/ , , and Simon Gerrans (who needs to get on Twitter!!)


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yankee49 2730 days ago

the cycling is the best sport in the world I love him and armstrong is her icon. Go Lance !

heinoska 2773 days ago

nice bears..i mean guys..i mean guys trying to look like bears.great landscape, great spirit, awesome picture!:-)

jeremylarkin 2773 days ago

nice beard Levi!

Churlay 2774 days ago

hve fun!!!:P

nicknets 2780 days ago

Looks a bit on the chilly side. Does summer never come there?

ste960 2780 days ago

good training lance and the others !!!!!!

gerr2 2780 days ago

Again, guys cyclocross bikes. More fun xploring + I think you can afford them.

sary428 2780 days ago

Simon: welcome to Facebook. Glad you decided to join the delightful Twitter club!

SengJuico 2780 days ago

We'll be following the TdF race at eurosports (as usual) from here in the Philippines... Go Lance... Get that big 8th...

jamie_hediger 2780 days ago

Nice to see the aussie contingent in there, and on a Cervelo...Go Simon!!

nick_peel 2781 days ago

great pic, keep working hard, it'll all pay off in the end!

LarryBirdy 2781 days ago

I guess the locals can see you guys coming from a distance with all the dust kicking up in your tails.
"Look out its the Posse-Peloton"!

cdrolfs 2781 days ago

Doesn't look much like training! More like just kickin back and enjoyin the

JETPILOTcompany 2781 days ago

Lance, The White Tire/Seat Combo looks wishes from Sunny San Diego

MrD_AST 2781 days ago

Best of luck with TDF Prep. Have booked two lovely spots for TDF. Apartment for TT around Lake Annecy and House at the foot of Ventoux. Will have the T ready as you pass... Running 5K for my Uncle on Sunday who passed away last week. RIP.

allibabakat 2781 days ago

What's the temp there? (All the jackets, etc.)

GeorgeGT15 2781 days ago

Great "red cells" workout

Contador7 2781 days ago

Nice photo and btw good luck at the TDF, u can end in the first 10!

7jonas7 2781 days ago

Nice workplace. Lance, can I trade jobs with you for a week ? I'm an ER RN that can climb as long as it's downhill! Peace!

theresa_p 2781 days ago

Awesome photo good luck at the TDF!