Garry Scott-Irvine


Yes, it really is me.

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2576 days ago


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Paula_Python 2272 days ago

Nuuuuuuuuuuuuurse! My eye hurts!

shawndriscoll 2314 days ago

I see you found the machine that goes PING!

AshleyPaulette 2421 days ago

"It's fun to charter an accountant, and sail the wide Accountseaaaaaaaa!"

ny1rat 2434 days ago

even with one eye you rock dude i love all you work thank you for always doing you best

jiggerj 2546 days ago

John, JOHN! That organ donor card you signed was for AFTER you die. Not now!

Chainsawctopus 2565 days ago

Your mustache never looked better.

MotleyHippie 2569 days ago

Oh poor Mr Cleese. Take him grapes, cherries and chocolates - and spoil him rotten. Everyone needs spoiling after an op. xx

LeRoy60 2572 days ago

All the best for a speedy recovery John. Good to see you can still raise a bit of a smile regardless. .-)

catdog03 2572 days ago

I have a dress just like that, Its all about how you accessorize. Wish you better! Your bracelet's cute too. x

Pasquis 2573 days ago

Oh mince!! Get well soon!!

emmziep 2573 days ago

Keep smiling Mr Cheese!!! Ooh that sounds like a good idea for my lunch tomorrow!!! Hmm pickle or beetroot?? Anywho, all the best for a speedy recovery! Big silly smiles!!! x

deiabianco 2573 days ago

you'll be needing a parrot to match that pirate patch. get well soon :)

Madness_Sarah 2573 days ago

Get well soon :)

dawndonline 2574 days ago

You are the best..HANDS DOWN!! Never forget that Mr. Cleese. The world would be an ugly, ugly place without you. Thank you for everything! :-)

baghappy 2574 days ago

Such a wonderful man

Predobear 2575 days ago


RyanosaurusRex 2575 days ago

Great to see a smile. :D

Russ_Graves 2575 days ago

Get well!, P.S. Sybil called, she wants that painting put up right away at Fawlty Towers! BASIL!!!!

lroxloud 2575 days ago

Keep smiling John, that's the spirit :)

christhebutcher 2576 days ago

Get well soon, John!