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12 versions of one sword. Which one do you like best?

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1289 days ago

12 versions of one sword. Which one do you like best?


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AlanzaDemonica 1036 days ago

So many to choose from. e.e I think I like the top left one, best.

Shydoli 1189 days ago

chek out this plz

StickyOtter 1216 days ago

The ones by Dudulokinko AQW and Vampire Max are very impressive, yet i think i prefer he one by Dudulokinko AQW, Awesome concept by the way! :P

AiasAE 1241 days ago

SkyTran , bottom left, top left, Vampire Max Guila

AlexVaderAE 1241 days ago

Dudulokinho AQW FTW!!!

Reki_AQW 1241 days ago

Didn't see you put this up, id say Vampire contest.

ManuboboAE 1248 days ago

Disturbed,( Aeonrial) AND NaTra

SoulhunterDeth 1252 days ago


AQWbrandonbro10 1268 days ago


bossmikeyAQ 1275 days ago

But if you had to use One, which One would you use/pick ?

SkylineSV 1275 days ago

Yea, I like em all :D

darksoulandel 1275 days ago


bossmikeyAQ 1275 days ago

I'm going to say My Fravs : 1:Natra 2: Ganloth 3: Aeon Keep up the good work guys.

DisturbedAE 1275 days ago

You going to say your favorite Sky? :o

AQWguy 1277 days ago

Ganloth, then VMax.

ChronoPinoyX 1278 days ago

I like Aguila's :3

VectrosD133 1281 days ago

and made my favorites.

Agyron_Studios 1284 days ago

XXD awesome i think disturbed and

pain_AE 1285 days ago

disturbed ae

Shane_aka_Rin 1287 days ago

Disturbed AE and Vampire Max /win