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Another signature tattoo! Makes 8 on this trip. Aussies are insane! I love it!

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2516 days ago

Another signature tattoo! Makes 8 on this trip. Aussies are insane! I love it!


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x_ILovePink_x 2103 days ago

i want one too ,, from yhu and P!nk XD x

TheCheerbear 2496 days ago

i want one :O
but from your wifey hehe :DD

ShootChrisselle 2498 days ago

WOW jelous Much!!!

AussieActivist 2509 days ago

LOL we all want PINKS tattoo'd on us!!

michchest 2509 days ago

I missed you by 1/2 hour at H & H on April 26th. Was going to get my 1st tat done there and chickened out. Maybe next trip to LV.

margaritagirlie 2511 days ago

have to say, i would do exactly the same - if i had the chance! an i ain't an aussie!

magilter 2512 days ago

Thats Awesommmme Im booked in next month for my 2nd tatoo im so excited, Id love Pink to tatoo her signature on me, that would be the best tat ever...

kate2212 2515 days ago

cool as!

cate_louise 2516 days ago

Aussie know how to live life to the fullest!!!!!!!!!!!

kiddotz 2516 days ago

ok thats a tattoo i want you have 2 give me one!!!!

XXXSharon 2516 days ago

that's great!!! :D:D:D i want a tattoo from you too!!

hornyvaughanie 2516 days ago

cool i need urs and p!nks on me

em_hanson 2516 days ago

can u tattoo ur signature on me?? id love it on my side :D
llet me know!

Pink_Ducati 2516 days ago

haha! Awesome! Sneaking out for one next week..shh don't tell hubby! lol

makeupbijodie 2516 days ago

Carey that's awesome!! hope to meet you in the Gold Coast..are you tattooing while your here?? hope we can get Hart and Huntington shirts at your shows!!!!Australia rocks...

brooke_in_docs 2516 days ago

that's wicked! I've actually got a portrait of pink on my thigh (in my pics, check it out). Hope to get her signature on it someday! Glad to hear you guys are enjoying Aus! We love having you.

dannielle_n 2516 days ago

Goin 2 yur show on Sat! My 5 year old wants 2 meet u! Bringing his helmet 4 u 2 sign. Hope he gets 2 meet u!

chadreed22 2516 days ago

Hey that guy has a hart and huntington shirt on I have looked everywere in melbourne and I can't find a single shop that sells hart and huntington clothes

pinki1973 2516 days ago

Did Pink get anything?

kim713 2516 days ago

lol,thats what i have been chasing from your lovely wifey,we r wat u call dedicated fans..