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Cant sleep so made some stuff

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1739 days ago

Cant sleep so made some stuff


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Thehiddenfire 1738 days ago

:O if this is what happens when you can't sleep dun sleep again ever e.e that backpack cam/lazor gun thingie is epic and ive always wanted to smack people with a triceratops XD

bossmikeyAQ 1738 days ago

lol looks like Chuck Norris.

DrakkanMcBeardy 1738 days ago

NOWAI... That beard helm is AWESEOM!

PoisonPoyoPoy 1738 days ago

Thank you for the farewell gifts Mennace really going to miss you I wish you luck in your next job.

FourBeardStrong 1738 days ago

So irked that I'm not gonna be available tomorrow when the new content comes out. :[

dragontackle 1738 days ago

yes, guns that match alien ac armor!

KnightAQW 1738 days ago

Im prob just getting that smexeh beard hat.

Kricharo 1738 days ago

All of those items are just.. win. Complete and utter win. :o

prototypexpalex 1738 days ago

is cool mennace cool weapons men is last days and you give best weapons

DrDiceRoller 1738 days ago

sweet deal this dino stuff is gonna be awesome talk about your opposites-day (Pre-historic/Futuristic) EPIC

AfiqAqw 1738 days ago

i hope all of this will be non mem and non ac ^_^ and non token 2 :D

DarkonDrago 1738 days ago

May have to get that gun. Look really cool to me. The right one is a back item right?

DeityLinkAQW 1738 days ago

so i take it you are leaving at the end of October?. .. . it was nice admiring your work Mennace ;~;

Agyron_Studios 1738 days ago

Btw why are you leaving is there any1 wholl sucess you or sumthin

Agyron_Studios 1738 days ago

now thats what i call ow my gawd!!

AvengerAQW 1738 days ago

tat lasergun would be awesome as a cape.....

AfiqAqw 1738 days ago

dont go mennace :'(

Top_AE 1738 days ago

the gun ie awesome!! the cape is nice.....the horns are a cape too or they are part of the armor now? doesnt really match...the weapon is nice too...maybe the red part should be older and darker and i it comes to my attention you made sleepy eyes instead

AqwEliejoyful 1738 days ago

Lolz Wear that with the beard and ill call you the bearded Nici.