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And we're done! (@seeson @KevinJOLeary @TheJuiceMasta) #BF3

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1355 days ago

And we're done! ( ) #BF3


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lil_dizzy_182 1354 days ago

it looks so beautiful cant wait!

1leggeddog 1355 days ago

This is weird.. this is what the PC version should be, not console.

FyeRee 1355 days ago

Where's the dinosaur mode? jk.

erroredout 1355 days ago

Woo Hoo baby yea!

editor_d 1355 days ago

This is what I'll be seeing at 12:15am on the 25th. Can't wait.

killmenext 1355 days ago

Thats how you play if you want to get your ass handed to you : P

Mexilhaozinha 1355 days ago

OMG *o*

tylerellingford 1355 days ago


Gadoh_ 1355 days ago

Bra jobbat alla!!! Alla era fans lÃĪngtar! :)

ShiftiesBF3 1355 days ago

7 days -.- can't wait!

inde_Nile 1355 days ago

I'm sure there's a big red button labeled *Upload to Origin* somewhere around ur feet :P plz hit it

ClericZA 1355 days ago

HELL YEAH! :D *get's twitchy of excitement*

TheTreyDouglas 1355 days ago

That's how you play #BF3