Jennette McCurdy


Sorry I'm so sarcastic. I feel really bad about it.

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1775 days ago


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_GigiCosta 1774 days ago

now i can see it

myfreakmind 1775 days ago


AggieRogers 1775 days ago

johnny Dep is one of the best actors and he's cute too.

Demonry 1775 days ago

loooove. it was his birthday yesterday !

thesavvy 1775 days ago

AHHH I love Johnny Depp! and the whole Public Enemy Era!

tayj92 1775 days ago

i wanted to see that so bad but they card you at the theater if its rated r and im only 16 =(

Lovesarah814 1775 days ago


Lovesarah814 1775 days ago


uni0000 1775 days ago

Good to know you too have a creepy obsession with Johnny Depp. I'm not the only one.

jamienolb 1775 days ago

soooo apparently I'm related to Johnny Depp's character, John Dillenger. :)

aylin8a 1775 days ago

Who is the picture?XD

adybravura 1775 days ago

asdfghjkasdfghj AWESOME! i wanna see that movie so badly!! i love Johnny

KrystalFox648 1775 days ago

roflroflrofl lawnmower. xD

but that movie looks amazing. i can't wait to see it

likeitlikeethat 1775 days ago


DelanneTorres 1775 days ago

beautiful picture

AwkwardSquirrel 1775 days ago

Am I finally going insane, or is there a lawnmower on top of the building?

Hemilinha 1775 days ago


CassandraSMILE 1775 days ago

Johnny Depp is amazing! :)

CntryCass11 1775 days ago

i CANNOT wait to see this movie..its gonna be soo awesome!! and johnny depp oooo lala

mayaxlovee 1775 days ago

YES! Jennette, you ROCK! I loooove Johnny Depp, hes my favorite actor! And I can NOT wait til July 1st-Public Enemies!!