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Some weapons

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1037 days ago

Some weapons


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VampireMax 1035 days ago

I just love this time of the year XD

xXmetricXxAQW 1035 days ago

daggers are sick!!!!!!! :D

Aqw_Slade 1036 days ago

This is all really good! Do you think you could put some love into the bow b4 it gets released D:?

FLAM1N 1036 days ago

Blue pistol <3

ZerkAE 1036 days ago

That space gun looks like its from halo :D

mturf 1036 days ago

the double gun thing is a cool design too

mturf 1036 days ago

love dat pistol

otjekrokotje 1036 days ago

Daggers :D

xhellsonny 1037 days ago

you are one of the best in AQW compare to dage becasue your item is way more reasonable and more corncen to player then Dage. i really appreciate your work, and feel bad that you left.

Ninjudo 1037 days ago

Love the daggers the most <3

dragontackle 1037 days ago

That big sword to the top left calls out to me

mikesmash100 1037 days ago

Great work dude, Can't wait for these lol

RageFace_Man 1037 days ago

That blue sticks out....Nice

fear_my_madness 1037 days ago

must.... have... it...... ALL!!!!!

Thehiddenfire 1037 days ago

that pistol looks smexy :3 do want

SerRaviel 1037 days ago

These are beautiful Mennace!

prototypexpalex 1037 days ago

pyre armor come this friday mennace?

Ryu_Tamashi_ 1037 days ago

<----- obv troll

xDamianC 1037 days ago

I suggest getting your eyes checked :/

guimet2 1037 days ago

very mad, I liked the danger and the staff