Kim Kardashian


I miss Dubai!

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1286 days ago

I miss Dubai!


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MCMXCVXVXO 1112 days ago

what a surprise

chahineize 1221 days ago

Mashallah you look sooo beautiful with tha ibaya

AdyMffl31 1222 days ago

WOW! Enough said!

SweetSoul786 1236 days ago

lookin pure beauty with the scarf ...u look stunning with and without niceee xxx

ad26p 1238 days ago

تقولينه صازه

AhmadGhlayni 1258 days ago


layalalsham 1262 days ago

Yo beautiful

zhamze 1265 days ago

lovely abbaya

MindlessByHeart 1268 days ago

Ahhh You look soo beautiful in an abaya! XD

evanelodi 1274 days ago

Trust me, you so look like one of them here.

TasneemAlQattan 1275 days ago

جميلة بالحجاب :)

HariJaja_Barbie 1275 days ago

wow Kim rugrats all covered up! and diamonds on the hijab? 0__o

SiliconeStick 1277 days ago

Middle Eastern beauty is unsurpassed we're so beautiful!

CashettaMoniq 1280 days ago

You rocking that abaya, part-time hiji action

MonaAlajlan 1281 days ago

you're so beaultiful in abaya

WNYGoo 1283 days ago

Oh , look, it's the trick and her pimp in the background.

noofi3aziz 1283 days ago

u look nice in abaya

FEVEROCKS 1284 days ago

Wow, it looks nice on you. Remember the past is the present, you represent the New Era

TheBieberMuffin 1284 days ago

You look Stunning in an Abaya!! :)

demisdisaster 1284 days ago

Kim you look STUNNING! :)