Markus Persson


Hey, you! Play more games! Now!

Working hard!

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1922 days ago

Working hard!


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Cyzzaros 1802 days ago

That's life!

SparkiiJaxx 1920 days ago

Well said !

Fergus_Lees 1921 days ago

hey how bout you i dunno EDIT THE DAMN .JAR YOURSELF and stop complaining and ordering around

DakotaPander 1921 days ago

but please please! add npcs to live in our places we bilt for no reason. it gets boaring after a while.

DakotaPander 1921 days ago

but all we want is to have fun. and if you dont give us what we want we tend to quit playing the game.

DakotaPander 1921 days ago mineCRAFT players want somthing new every day. like capes or cheese and even beer.

toxicwolfeX 1922 days ago

please don't turn this into a religeous flamewar!

Unextinctive 1922 days ago

Want hats in minecraft

oli_duffy 1922 days ago

Cheer up mate, may never happen ;)

ArrowToThe_Knee 1922 days ago

Get back to work ^_^

Toscana_toscana 1922 days ago

Good image
by Tuscany in Toscana

fehriefehren 1922 days ago

i want cheese in mc 1.9 thats funny

lion21297 1922 days ago

better than nothing. well

GeekN1NJ4 1922 days ago

That's alot of hard work you have there. It would be a shame if something happened to it..sSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

tiuuu 1922 days ago


bobcat1939 1922 days ago

wow dem graphics are insane..... can i see purple lighting? and female avatars :O thought there was a feature freeze

SequinAssassin 1922 days ago

I want beer in Minecraft... Also, Craft-able cloth capes...

stevecole90099 1922 days ago

The new addition to the mojang HQ is looking pretty nice.

EirTor 1922 days ago

yea, youre working real, hard. you should be in your office developing awesome stuff for minecraft!!

RaNd0mGuY101 1922 days ago

Working hard! to figure out how many pints you can buy for the money your mother gave you!