as artist we live on forever in our work. with that being said even after death we will always live on :)


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demongregar 1507 days ago

mah-god, i just love it!

mannymendez1 1782 days ago

you should add this as an armor/wep/helm in aqw ^^

LordSlayR 1800 days ago

Nice artwork.

Dan_X_Doa 1801 days ago

Btw nice drawing,shading and details.You inspired me to draw an armor for teh legion =3 if only i have an idea-'

Dan_X_Doa 1801 days ago


RippleFrog 1802 days ago

BOSS. By far my favorite hand drawn pic of yours.

aqw_eeedy 1802 days ago

everytime I c this pic I click on it..I just gotta c it again and again..ThisIs the best U've made!

freedomzah 1803 days ago

lol remind me of Gears of war

IMMORTALBREED 1803 days ago

I always loved monsters that stand with the hindlegs of an animal

Borqito 1803 days ago

http://eypic.com/42fc34ac7.jpg You cannot unsee.

Dnightlord 1803 days ago

hmm, you have now dashed all my 13yr old hopes for winning an art contest yipee! Xd jk, even with MY art i will beat you all MUahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

SkylineSV 1803 days ago

It's working lol

SerLucane 1803 days ago

ahahaha is this supposed to intimidate me for the art contest? BRING IT ON!

666zackaqw 1803 days ago

i cant see it -.-

Lost_Affinity 1803 days ago

It eats baby pandas to activate /beastmode on

soulsyth 1803 days ago


evokersoul 1803 days ago

looks like it would worship papa nurgle

vimvhen 1803 days ago


CrossXfire2 1803 days ago

=O awesome