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2578 days ago

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BeeFinn 2574 days ago

to be shrewd with this

BeeFinn 2574 days ago

I don't believe this means they won't still resign Biron. The Flyers added Emery as a capable goalie at a great price. Ray wasn't annointed the new starter and his pay grade doesn't suggest he has to be. Sethdh, Marty does deserve a raise but Homer needs

LSDRambles 2577 days ago

I agree with the sethdh guy, although I don't agree Biron doesn't need the 5 million, I do think Briere needs to go BYE BYE. Hell have Montreal take his ask and they'll love him. Emery is another medocore goalie, like Niitty, like Esche, like ET ALL sin

SethDH 2578 days ago

The Flyers proved all year they can win without Briere. I've been against Briere from day one. They needed to tell him to waive his NTC, clear the space to give Biron the contract he deserves. Until Crazy Ray proves himself he's still a joker in my book.

boycek77 2578 days ago

Seriously? This move is great for the team. When he gets us wins everyone complaining now won't then, unless you're just racist, which sadly many are; I've been reading the forums. Sad.

vgdolly 2578 days ago

The Sean Avery of goalies - this won't last - Ihope

ryanparentfan77 2578 days ago

This scares me. I never liked him... Hope his attitude has changed...

timbaldwin 2578 days ago

Awesome!!! Can't wait to see him in action

mrj725 2578 days ago

some people need to grow up! cant wait

hairykyle 2578 days ago

He may not be better than Biron but a change was needed. Backlund can serve as his back-up but he has in no way shown that he can b a starter in the NHL. I'm not saying he wont develop into one but there is no way you can start the season with Backlund as

RobMcC182 2578 days ago

I highly doubt he'll be better than Biron. Why not just give Johan Backlund a shot?

PuckDrawn 2578 days ago

He'll put up better numbers than Biron. As long as he keeps his nose clean, we'll be fine. I don't think anyone wants to have to play in Russia a second time.

RobMcC182 2578 days ago

What a disgrace.