Emery press conference

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2277 days ago

Emery press conference


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RobMcC182 2277 days ago

And Esche used to be a good goalie. If I recall right he did win the Jennings trophy (along with Roman and Marty).

RobMcC182 2277 days ago

I watched every Flyers game last season. And the season before that, and the season before that and the season before that. Biron over his time here has been a consistent goalie, granted he's had his rough spots but so does every other goalie. And Esche u

stormrider57 2277 days ago

Does anyone remember the 2004 team? Or Robert Esche? That team was good yet Esche was fighter too. He was not like Hextall, but he staked his ground. Maybe the comparison should be to Patrik Roy who pushed anyone and everyone out the crease that dared to

hairykyle 2277 days ago

Biron+ consistently good= you didnt watch the flyers last season. How can u say Biron was consistent? the only thing he was consistent with was letting in soft goals and i liked Biron.

RobMcC182 2277 days ago

If Emery was so good on an amazing Ottawa team how come he didn't win them a cup? And he's not better than Biron. Granted I don't even like Biron, but he was consistantly good. We don't need another hothead to make us look even more like a bunch of goons.

brandongray 2277 days ago

Last sentence was supposed to be...The Karl Malone of the NHL.

brandongray 2277 days ago

A better goalie than Biron at half the price and some of you have the nerve to complain? WTF?

Flyers fans need to stop comparing every goalie we get to Hextall. The guy won 0 cups. Was he a great goalie...without question. But not a champion. Th

RobMcC182 2277 days ago

Everyone keeps comparing him to Hextall, one question though, how many cups did Hexy get us? 0 right? Yeah that's what I thought.

decasere 2277 days ago

i totally disagree with you knuckleheads, Emery is a better goalie than Biron, and maybe the steal of the off season, he is the new Hextall, we are in a better position this year to make a run with this one signing.

143flyers 2277 days ago

"Jeez, Joe, any piece of garbage comes on the market & you gotta buy it. What did you trade for this guy, a used puck bag?"

"His subsequent deportation to Russia and that country's refusal to accept him."

Too many slapshot quotes go with this deal.

RobMcC182 2277 days ago

BOOOO!! We need a real goalie not this scrub. Ship him back Russia.