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Don't you love it when you get home after being away and your freezer has decided to grow an Iceberg??? :( G #backdowntoearth

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1881 days ago

Don't you love it when you get home after being away and your freezer has decided to grow an Iceberg??? :( G #backdowntoearth


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HEATHER_1215 1876 days ago

A welcome home present! Don't you just love them Glen! :-)

FinucanK 1877 days ago

Haha You guys always make my day. : )

villas_tuscany 1877 days ago

very special image
by Tuscan Villa

thepinkscript 1879 days ago

haha! Did you use towels to dry your floor? that's such a "guy thing" to do! you're so funny! ;-)

ChasProductions 1880 days ago

The next Titanic, lol this time it's the house! :P LOOOL!

thescriptcha 1880 days ago

Hoho.. I must be there for you lol BIGLOVE~!<3

M_Scriptette 1880 days ago

Glen, can I please get a follow from yous? Would really really appreciate it lad, :-) Huge fan here!

M_Scriptette 1880 days ago

Suggestion?Next time fly me over to babysit it, I get my trip to Ireland and U get a safe freezer Ha!

kinkykittyjk69 1880 days ago

Awwwww cute fridge

JussaraChagas 1880 days ago

if it takes a little longer, when returning home should be like an igloo!
: D

Sea_Spain 1880 days ago

Welcome to Dublin Glen :)

Chyna1973 1881 days ago

Really someone should have been watching your place for you ;-) Hope it is all cleaned up and you are out enjoying time with your family now. xoxo

uhrman 1881 days ago

who is foods?

MeMercedes11 1881 days ago

Awwww Glen. =p ...Somehow I find this funny.

cheryl4400 1881 days ago

Well u could either melt it with ur Good Looks or find a ship 2 drive thru it!;p Glad ur home safe :D

beth_x3 1881 days ago

lol! oh dear. :P i'm glad you guys got home safely! & i love you lots. <3 xx

Mrs_Sensitive 1881 days ago

So glad you guys are home safe. hahah, I have faith your freezer will be back to normal soon :P x

TheScriptPt 1881 days ago

ah ah glad you're not on Titanic right now lmao. Baby, melt it away :-)

LustForLife78 1881 days ago

Sorry. But sometimes our appliances have a mind of their own. Glad u r home safe. Hurry back soon!

MJ__Speechless 1881 days ago

LOl..... I really love when this happens!!! lol