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Am I upside-down or is the Earth? Pic from our #STS135 spacewalk #NASA

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1835 days ago

Am I upside-down or is the Earth? Pic from our #STS135 spacewalk #NASA


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zackharbock 1789 days ago

Those spacewalks look like a rush!

stargawker 1833 days ago

Is there a right side up in space Ron lol

R2_artu 1833 days ago


Squidoogeek 1834 days ago

Don't look down! LOL, that's a cool shot.

RomyPhoto2 1834 days ago

light in the space is fantastic!

lnrdpatrick 1834 days ago

To be or not to be... lol

AnaMSanPer 1834 days ago

Oh! vértigo!

ST_Cyclone 1834 days ago

neither, the camera is! :p

a_cup_of_sea 1834 days ago

"Ron. Houston. We copy… Wait a bit… Checking it now… Ah… Your attitude, good… Earth's attitude, good… Oops! MY SCREEN WAS UPSIDE-DOWN…" :-P

4DRENALINN 1835 days ago

From my view you are upside down but since you are off the planet eh...? I guess u most b disoriented

LorenaMarsh 1835 days ago

Hi Ron, from here earth is what is upside down. "ll change place with you anytime. love and hung up there.

BigSteppinGal 1835 days ago

I guess you're upside down. #NASA Astronauts are amazing! Thanks for all you do!