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Possibly house concept. Credit to @CodenameJ6  for the port beam and general theme.

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1808 days ago

Possibly house concept. Credit to for the port beam and general theme.


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pirutzeth 1800 days ago

yea release omega house my omega clan says they loved it

phoenix_AQW 1805 days ago

Hope you can release this one and your omega house, they're both really good

VampireMax 1806 days ago

Total Awe!!

dragontackle 1807 days ago

That be nice

Joe_ShadowStory 1807 days ago


inamabilisAE 1807 days ago

Wow, really awesome. Glad that houses are being given some attention. :)

fear_my_madness 1807 days ago


XDraks 1807 days ago

Epic house man!

Ninjudo 1808 days ago

Wow.............. Either a house or a PVP map :D

mturf 1808 days ago

we'd then need spaceships as house items to park on it ;P

DzArethusa 1808 days ago

EPICEPICEPIC, Shading awesome and nice concept!

TheJaLic 1808 days ago

Awesome, Nice Concept.

AQWNaTra 1808 days ago

Microscope much?

HEB_AE 1808 days ago


pritutiwAQW 1808 days ago


666zackaqw 1808 days ago

being released in part 2 of event probly cuzz this is wut furute zone looks like form pic in dn mewa

EsquelotoAE 1808 days ago

Cool :)

guiltius 1808 days ago

mennace this is awesome!! ae would be fools not to have this as a house

Pufs321_AQW 1808 days ago

very nice =D

CodenameJ6 1808 days ago

I like your take on it, especially the lines of the building on the right and the mega sun.